On Monday, NFL Films shared several hot mic moments of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes referencing how star tight end Travis Kelce often goes off-script in terms of his route-running.

Firstly, while doing an on-camera post-game interview, Mahomes stated that Kelce made up his own route prior to catching a touchdown in Week 3 against the Bears.

"He does his own thing and just makes up a route, and I throw it to him," Mahomes told Fox's Erin Andrews.

It didn’t stop there as the clip continues by sharing the two-time Super Bowl MVP talking to his top receiver in the end zone while celebrating the touchdown grab.

“I’m glad you saw it. I didn’t know if you were gonna do it,” Mahomes said to Kelce.

After coming off the field, the NFL’s best quarterback continued the dialogue with teammates highlighting the innate creativity of Kansas City's eight-time Pro Bowl tight end.

“Dude just does what he wants,” added Mahomes. “He had a corner or safety buzzed out. He was like, nope. I went to throw it. I was like, oh, there he [Kelce] goes.”

Mahomes' superb ability under center, combined with Kelce's on-field imagination, is often an unstoppable combination. How can opposing defenses game-plan for the tight end if he makes it up as he goes along?