A handful of teams stayed quiet during the first wave of free agency, which made us wonder at the MMQB what plans they might have for the 2023 season.

Some teams withdrew from the transaction frenzy to organize their messy salary cap with the hopes of being a participant next offseason. Others are waiting for the draft to address position needs, but by missing the first wave of free agency, the inactive teams now have limited options to improve the roster.

We noticed eight teams with plenty of work to do as we head into the second wave of free agency, but we divided them into two categories. Otherwise, it would have been a list full of bad teams.

For example, the Texans will probably be a losing team, but they might be sneaky competitive with the few impressive moves they made in free agency, such as adding tight end Dalton Schultz, and they will likely draft a quarterback with the No. 2 pick next month.

Then you have the teams that you expect to compete, but have a ways to go before being considered a legit playoff contender.

Below are four teams in reload mode and four teams in rebuild mode.