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DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Rescue Mission is serving more and more people as this pandemic continues, and they’ve turned to their neighbors for a little help.

“We have over one thousand people that come into our Lawrence Street community center every day,” says Denver Rescue Mission President and CEO Brad Meuli. “It got a little scary because we were running out of toilet paper.”

That’s when Meuli had an idea. He realized the Mission’s neighbors at Coors Field might have a surplus, with their season on hold and their stadium quiet.

“They reached out to me via email just saying they were in desperate need of some toilet paper,” remembers Jim Kellogg, the Rockies VP of Community and Retail Operations. “We coordinated through our stadium operations folks and luckily we had some ready to get to them and take care of a need they had right away.”

“We were able to go over and pick up a bunch of toilet paper which was incredible,” adds Meuli. “It wasn’t gold that they gave us, but at that time it was pretty impactful.”

“What the folks at the Denver Rescue Mission are doing with Brad, it’s incredible” says Kellogg. “Where we can step in and help, we’re happy to do it.”

The Rockies and the Rescue Mission have always had a great relationship, but they’re not the only Denver sports team that stepped up to help in this time of need.

“We contacted Kroenke Sports and they did the same thing that the Rockies did,” Meuli says of getting additional supplies from the Nuggets and Avalanche owner.

These were all small acts of kindness that serve as a reminder, in Denver and around Colorado everyone is playing on the same team now more than ever.

“They’re more than just baseball or more than basketball or hockey, or more than football,” Meuli says. “It just goes to show you they love the community they’re in and are very supportive of it. It’s wonderful.”

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