RMAC pushes fall contact sports to the spring season


DENVER (KDVR) – The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference came together on Thursday morning and came to an agreement that nearly all fall contact sports will be pushed to the spring, with cross country and golf being safe enough to stay in the fall season.

“The pandemic is controlling us, but at the end of the day, we are committed to doing what we can for student athletes. Let’s face it, they have been working through their K-12 lives to get to this point,” RMAC Commissioner Chris Graham said.

The decision comes after the NCAA groups in charge of Division II and Division III athletics decided that fall sports championships would not be held.

While the NCAA can control the decision on championships, it can’t control what the conferences do with the regular season games. With that in mind, RMAC leaders said the conference is committed to following every single health and safety protocol the NCAA requires, all while trying to give the best experience to the student athletes.

“All this testing, this contact tracing, social distancing and mask wearing is all mandated now, so now we have to dig into what those are,” Graham said. 

As the RMAC determines what’s to come, including a new schedule, the solution to seeing a RMAC sport this year comes down to people doing their part.

“I heard someone say recently, sports is a privilege, and we have to earn that privilege, and we as sports fans — if we want to see it — we have to do our part, wear a mask and social distance,” Graham said. 

The RMAC hopes to have a set schedule with these changes in the coming days. 

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