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I wanted to do a Raul’s Rant on Masai Ujiri possibly leaving to go work for the Toronto Raptors.

The NBA’s Executive of the Year is meeting with the Raptors about their GM opening.

Just my opinion on the subject and this is a message to Denver Nuggets president Josh Kroenke.

Great job so far with the Colorado Avalanche.

Now you need to pay your general manager of the Nuggets.

If there’s nothing you can do to stop him from going, then I understand.

But you better try your hardest to keep him.

And do it now.

The reason the Nuggets are moving in the right direction has everything to do with Masai.

Bringing back Ujiri is more important than bringing back forward Andre Iguodala.

Ujiri rebuilt this team after trading away Carmelo Anthony.

He’s the reason Iguodala was brought here last year.

Masai is also one of the lowest paid GMs in the NBA.

And the Raptors want to give him $3 million bucks a year.

Kroenke has to match that or give him more.

I’m not a man who has millions of dollars, but if I’m going to invest into someone, it’s that guy.

Denver is a very good team.

They are so close to being great and he’s proven he’s the guy to get them there.

If Kroenke is serious about being a championship contender… He has to keep Ujiri.

If he doesn’t, I fear they will go backwards.