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DENVER — The Denver Broncos held a conference call with their first draft pick of 2012. Derek Wolfe is a defensive tackle from the University of Cincinnati.

Here is what Wolfe said during the conference call:

On his experiences with the Broncos before the draft and his feelings right now
“Right now it’s a lot of excitement. When you talk about contact, there wasn’t a lot of contact there like there was from the other teams. It was kind of put under wraps; there was kind of a shock when they took me. I’m pretty excited.”

On what is going on at his draft party right now
“I’ve got all of my friends and family out here. As you know I was raised by another family and they’re all excited and happy that I can finally accomplish my dream.”

On his skill set and what he brings to the Broncos
“As far as what type of player I am, I bring a certain type of leadership to the team. Obviously I’m not going to come in right away and be a leader, but I’m going to try to learn from everybody and just try to do the best I can to help us win a championship.”

On where he is most comfortable on the defensive line
“Honestly it’s all the same to me. I just want to do whatever they need me to do. Wherever they need me to be is where I’ll be the best and where I’ll be most comfortable.”

On where he was told to expect to go in the draft
“It was either at the end of the first or the beginning of the second.”

On his weight
“My weight right now is 300 pounds.”

On playing with LB Von Miller, DE Elvis Dumervil and CB Champ Bailey
“It’s a huge privilege. I couldn’t ask for better spot to be going into than the best defense in the NFL right now. Hopefully, I can just learn from those guys, and hopefully, contribute to getting the quarterback down.”

On his living arrangement
“I don’t stay with my grandma. I stay with the Hoppel family. They took me in when I was about a freshman in high school. I had a falling out with my stepfather in high school. He and my real mom were divorced. I don’t know my real dad, but that’s who I stay with.”

On contributing immediately
“I’m not the type of guy to sit around and wait. I want to get ready right away.”

On sitting through the first round
“It’s a privilege. I was a little, I can say, upset. I feel a little selfish for getting upset last night because I didn’t get taken. I just take it as a chip on my shoulder.  I know I can make a difference, and I’m ready for the opportunity.”

On where he will contribute
“I like to do whatever I have to do to help my team win, and if it means me making plays, if it means me holding up guys so the linebackers can make plays, that’s just the same to me. I just want to win.”

On how much the NFL Combine helped his draft stock
“I think what the Combine did was just make them go back and really look at my film, see the things I actually did. See how much I loved the game. I don’t take plays off. I play like every play is going to be my last snap. That’s the way I play. I think they really realized it once they saw how I moved, the way I performed and reacted to things.”

On his interests outside of football
“I love to train; any free time that I’ve got that I can get better, that’s what I like to do. I like to train, I like to hunt, and when neither one of those things are possible, I like to just be around my teammates.”