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TOKYO (NEXSTAR) — COVID-19 continues to be a big story in Tokyo.

Some of the support and medical staff for the French men’s basketball team has been quarantined and are unable to work with the athletes.

A Dutch rower was unable to compete because of COVID-19.

The first beach volleyball game had to be cancelled Saturday, because a Czech player Markéta Sluková tested positive earlier this week for COVID-19. Her positive test knocks her and her partner out of the Tokyo games.

The Czech team is investigating a COVID-19 outbreak from their charter flight to Japan.

COVID-19 also knocked German cyclist Simon Geschke out of the men’s road race. The former stage winner in the Tour De France said he while he feels fine, emotionally it’s been a terrible day.

As more and more athletes are knocked out of the games, the debate about vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes continues, and there was some push back when swimmer Michael Andrews revealed he is not vaccinated.

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee says 83% of all U.S. athletes have been vaccinated, but they’ve instructed all athletes to use every precaution.

“When somebody asks me ‘should the games go on,’ I can say emphatically that ‘yes indeed they should go on,'” said Dr. Jonathan Finnoff, chief medical officer with the USOPC. “I think the health and safety measures that have been implemented are exceptional and I am very confident that we can have a safe and successful games.”