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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — One of the best feelings in sports is when you’re really just on a roll. This weekend at Colorado State, the Rams logging team hosted a log rolling event that featured some of the best college competitors in the country.

“For the western half of the U.S., this is it. This is the Championship,” says Chrissy Ramsey, who was the head judge at the event. “All of the events that you see in our competition all come from something that was actually done in the logging woods.”

Think it looks easy? Think again.

“I’ve had a lot of people who have never been on a burling log decide to get on one. If they stay on for more than three seconds, they’re doing well,” Ramsey says. “There’s a lot of skill, technique and balance involved, and a lot of core strength.”

The sport is continuing to make a splash at the college level, with nearly 150 teams competing. And there is plenty of team spirit to go around.

“You’ve seen how rowdy it gets at football games, it’s like that when it comes to cheering on teams. When they’re chopping, they’re sawing, whatever they’re doing, they’re loud and telling you about it.”