‘For What it’s Worth’ — On Von, Aqib and Wade Phillips


Broncos Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips (Photo: KDVR)

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By Bruce Haertl

Line of the day

Out walking my Great Dane the other day, I stop to buy some lemonade from three young girls, none of them could have been older than 8.  Big Papi, yes, that’s my dog’s name — I’m a Red Sox fan, charms all three of them but doesn’t buy me a break on the 50 cents for the drink. I notice that the youngest of the group has really taken an interest in the dog and as I’m getting ready to go says:

“We’ll trade you our lemonade for your dog”.  With her co-investors in shock, I replied: “You should have asked before you sold me that drink.”


Two years guaranteed for just under $40M isn’t going to do it for Von Miller, nor should it.  However checkered his past has been it’s well behind him.  He’s loved in the locker room, has developed into a leader of the NFL’s best defense and is clearly the most impactful defensive player in the game. Pay the man.

It’s inconceivable to me that this guy is five years into his career and has never had free agency, nor does he now.  If the Broncos tag him twice, thanks for agreeing to that one NFL Players Union, he could go to seven years without the benefit of free agency.  Of course, it’s always about the money and Miller will make plenty, but I’m not so sure right now it’s not as much about being shown the love and respect as it is anything else.

C’mon man

When I first covered Aqib Talib at the University of Kansas, I found him to be glib, which made him a great sound bite, funny and likeable. Not too much has changed, nor, apparently has the reckless side that’s always seemed to pull at him.

You’d like to think that at 30 years old, with a rocky past, he might grow out of such things. My worry is that the law of averages are bound to catch up with him at some point, how often can you continue to go down this road before you reach a dead end—pun intended.

I’m pretty sure I’m right on this equation: Late nights, plus strip clubs, plus guns equal a pretty lethal combination.

Wade’s here all week

Broncos Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips, often as dry as a martini, was at his comic best after practice on Thursday. Even before the inevitable questions of Talib, Phillips, invoking Sergeant Schultz with his trademark line: ‘I know nothing.’ He even threw an attempt at a German accent. Dating myself, I immediately got the reference to Hogan’s Heroes.

But Phillips wasn’t done, when asked about his Super Bowl ring, which he’s receiving at a celebration on Sunday with the rest of the team, the 68-year-old coach channeled Drake: “It’s a really big ring.  It’s a really big thing. I got a really big team.”

Thankfully, he didn’t sing it, but we got the point. Turns out the rapper’s (Drake not Phillips) song ‘Big Rings’ and other tunes are on Phillips’ iPod. Peace, out coach.

View at your own risk

Our friend David Worlock, from the NCAA, points out that the scoring margin through three games of these NBA Finals (26 points) is more than the average differential all-time between 1 and 16 seeds in the NCAA (128 games—24.7 points).  It doesn’t say much for the NBA.

Thanks for the read—comments are welcome at Bruce.Haertl@kdvr.com. I’ll post again this weekend.

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