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By Bruce Haertl

Hmm—according to a poll by ESPN the Magazine (does anyone really read that?) 80 percent of pro tennis players think Serena Williams would be ranked worse than #500 in the men’s rankings.  I’m sure that’s great relief to Italy’s Francesco Vilardo, who, with $32,209 in career earnings, is ranked #500.

Rose to New York

Over the last four years in the NBA Derrick Rose has played in 173 games … he’s missed 201. His Powerade commercials play a heck of a lot more than he does and yet this is good for the New York Knicks?  A team that desperately needs to get younger, instead gets older.

Frankly, I’m not sure who you could pair with Carmelo Anthony to make the Knicks appreciably better—OK, LeBron or KD but they aren’t going to New York for anything short of front row seats for Hamilton.  Anthony hasn’t taken a team to the playoffs since the Knicks in 2013, going back to his time in Denver, he’s lost eight of ten times in the opening round of the post season and has never sniffed the NBA Finals.  Sure, some of it is the guys around him, but some of it is his inability to make those guys better.

Fool’s gold?

The Nuggets are big players in the first round of Thursday’s NBA Draft, with three of the first 19 picks.  This isn’t thought to be a particularly deep draft, but that doesn’t mean there’s not help to be had.  If Dragan Bender is there at #7 here’s betting that the Nuggets will take him.  The 7’0” power forward out of Croatia is generally considered to be the best player in Europe, but he’s only 220 lbs. and is said to be limited athletically.  With that said, there are some scout who compare him to a bigger version of Golden State’s Draymond Green (a second round pick remember).

Can the Nuggets do enough with this draft to get the arrow pointed in the right direction? Considering how far they have to go—probably not.  Three years of irrelevance is a hard thing to overcome—since Denver last went to the playoffs (a first round loss as the three seed in the west to the upstart Warriors) four years ago, they’ve lost 59 more than they’ve won.  They finished last season eight games out of the playoffs, some would say that they have some pieces, others wonder whether they’re pieces that fit.

Someone to cheer for

I hope you saw my profile on Boulder’s Emma Coburn on Wednesday night on FOX31 Denver.  If not, you can check it online at, or watch for an elongated version inside the Sportszone on Sunday night.

The 25 year old holds the American record in the Steeplechase and is an odds on favorite to reach her second straight Olympics. Talking to her about the Zika Virus, blood doping and the general issues that Brazil is having getting ready for these games—one might think that she’d have a jaundiced view.  But, while she admits that she’s keeping close tabs on health concerns there and is totally disgusted by the continued scourge of blood doping in her sport, she remains a staunch supporter of the Olympic movement.  You can’t help but admire her enthusiasm—beyond that, she’s a wonderful representative of the state of Colorado and of the United States

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