DENVER (KDVR) — The 2023-24 NBA season starts soon, and the Denver Nuggets are going into it fresh off the heels of their first-ever NBA Championship win in June.

They’re also going into it tied with the Boston Celtics as the most likely team to win it all in 2024, at least according to NBA general managers.

The results came from the NBA’s annual GM survey, where each of the 30 GMs was asked a series of questions. Because none of the GMs can vote for their own team or players, the results are all based on what the opposing team’s GMs think.


One of the questions was about which team would win the 2024 NBA Finals. The Nuggets and the Celtics both received 33% of the vote.

The Nuggets were also voted as the most likely team to win the Western Conference, with 35% of votes going to them.

Another recognition for the Nuggets was the team being named “most fun to watch,” with 30% of the vote, as well as the team with the best home-court advantage, with 37% of the vote, and the most efficient offense in the league with 34% of the vote.

Jokic dominated the survey

Two-time regular-season MVP and 2023 NBA Championship MVP Nikola Jokic was, unsurprisingly, dominant in the GM survey.

Even though Jokic was dubbed the regular-season MVP in 2021 and 2022, GMs had never voted him as most likely to win the MVP until this year: 43% of the votes in that category went to Jokić.

That wasn’t the only honor that the Joker was bestowed, however:

  • Best center – Jokic, 93%
  • Best international player – Jokic, 80%
  • Best passer – Jokic, 67%
  • Best basketball IQ – Jokic, 50%

GMs also dubbed Jokic the player they’d most like to sign if they had to start a franchise from scratch.