George Karl admits to spreading fake trade rumor

Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets coach George Karl says he has made up fake trade rumors in the past.

George Karl was named NBA Coach of the Year on May 8, 2013. It was the first time he had won the award in 25 years of coaching, and he was the second Denver Nuggets coach to receive the honor in franchise history.

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DENVER — The Toronto Raptors have expressed interest in trading Andrea Bargnani to the Chicago Bulls for Carlos Boozer, according to sources being cited by ESPN.

Ever wonder who those sources are?

Well, at least several times in the past 10 years, one of those sources has been Denver Nuggets coach George Karl. And at least several times, he has been blatantly lying.

He didn’t do it for the sake of spreading misinformation to help his team, either. He just did it for a laugh. That’s what he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer this week.

Though the validity of his statements to the media may now have to be called into to question, Karl told journalist Jodie Valade he once had a contest with his coaching peers to see who could get an outlandish trade rumor into the newspaper first.

“We make up some trade that never was proposed in 100 years and suddenly it’s on ESPN,” he told Valade, wearing his patented smirk.

That being said, Karl went on to swear that he hasn’t pulled any of those stunts in “7-8 years.” Allegedly.

Just in case you’re wondering, Karl took over the head coaching job with the Nuggets in 2005, so there’s a chance he hasn’t told any of those fibs during his tenure in the Mile High City.

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