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ORLANDO, Fla. (KDVR) — The Denver Nuggets clinched the Northwest Division after the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Phoenix Suns on Monday.

This is the second time the Nuggets have won the Northwest Division in back-to-back seasons and the fifth division win in franchise history.

Denver beat the Utah Jazz in double OT on Saturday advancing their status in the standings. Jamal Murray scored 23 points in his return for his first game since the restart of the NBA season.

The Nuggets sit in the number three spot in the Western Conference and play the number one seed, Los Angeles Lakers, Monday night. The Lakers have lost their last three games since clinching the Western Conference.

In the three games between the two teams during the regular season, the Lakers won two and the Nuggets one.

The Nuggets will then play the Clippers Wednesday and the Raptors Friday as they conclude their regular season play.