DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Nuggets swept the Los Angeles Lakers to win the Western Conference championship, sending the team to its first-ever NBA Finals in franchise history.

The finals are set to begin on June 1. So how should fans plan to buy tickets to the championship series?

Are NBA Finals tickets on sale?

Yes, sort of.

Because the conference finals aren’t over, there isn’t a set opponent yet. However, they will play against either the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics.

But with the way the NBA Finals are structured, it is guaranteed that at least two finals games will be played in the Mile High City.

As of Monday afternoon, a vast majority of the tickets available for Game 1 were resale.

That means that someone else bought the tickets and was reselling them through Ticketmaster, the official ticket platform for the NBA.

However, given that the opponent hasn’t been set yet, there is a chance that more official tickets could go on sale later.

How much are NBA Finals tickets?

If you’re a huge fan looking to guarantee your chance to see the Nuggets in their first-ever NBA Finals games, there is some good news and some bad news.

The good news is there are tickets. The bad news is they do not come cheap. Tickets are available as singles up to groups of six.

All of the tickets also include a fee from Ticketmaster, which changes depending on the price of the ticket.

The cheapest you can find verified resale tickets for the first finals game in Denver was just over $760 as of Tuesday afternoon. Those tickets will be at the back of the highest section in the arena — or to put it another way, the nosebleeds.

If you want to be right up in the action though, you may want to prepare to fork out a decent chunk of change.

For courtside seats, the least expensive tickets will put you back around $6,000 each for the base ticket alone. If you want front-seat courtside tickets though, there were resale tickets available with a base price of just over $20,000, with another group on sale for $25,000.

Because most of the tickets are resale, the price of these tickets is set by the person selling them, which means it can vary a lot.

For example, in one section, there were tickets selling for over $8,600 each, while seats that were one row closer to the court were being sold for $5,950.