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DENVER — There is one Broncos player who has an extra special fan club this year.

Cornerback Chris Harris Jr.’s daughter is about to turn 1 in a few weeks. They have a very special connection and she is proving to be quite the motivator for her dad.

To say she is a daddy’s girl would be an understatement. Aria Harris was born nearly a year ago, on Oct. 25.

“Born on the 25th for her daddy’s number 25,” said the cornerback’s wife, Leah Harris.

Leah said the past year has been a world of fun.

“It was so awesome, having the baby, having a new contract, going to the Pro Bowl, buying a house, just been so much fun but this little one has just been a bundle of joy,” she said.

Chris Harris spends as much time with his daughter as he can and even brings her to work sometimes. Leah Harris said becoming a dad has made her husband a better football player.

“He’s really out there playing with his heart for his family. He just wants to make everyone so proud. He always said that before, but it’s different when it’s your wife than your family. For him, he says it gives him motivation and makes him more hungry on the field. I can see it out there,” she said.

Leah said Chris have a dream for Aria to grow up to be athletic and play basketball.