Those ‘in the know’ share notable observations about Broncos training camp

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Large crowd watches Peyton Manning throw at Broncos training camp. July 30, 2012

Large crowd watches Peyton Manning throw at Broncos training camp. July 30, 2012

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There are several interesting observations and notable comments that came out of Denver Broncos training camp Monday.

Coach John Fox says team not ready yet:
“I think, you know, like all of us, we’re not ready right now. If it was that easy, we could all be at the beach, not doing this. Everybody’s getting better out there, honing their skills. You know, we haven’t been in pads all year. Peyton, obviously, missing last season, he’s getting himself back into football condition.”

Left Tackle Chris Clark likes Peyton’s pre-snap adjustments:
“It is big. It definitely helps the offense, all those different adjustments. That’s to benefit us. As an O-line, we’re going to take it up on ourselves to use that as an advantage. Just using that as an advantage helps us and keeps the defense guessing. I’m loving that.”

The quarterback leads and we follow. What he says goes. We’re on board. We’re just making sure we all stick together. No matter what the outcome is, we’ll stick together.”

Wide Receiver Brandon Stokley is reunited with Peyton Manning:
“He looks like he’s gotten a little bit stronger. I’m sure from the injury that he had, the rehab that he’s put in, he has gotten stronger. The last few weeks, he looks like he did six years ago to me. It’s never what I had thought. If you had told me [that I would be reunited with Manning]—it’s crazy. You just never know. That’s the NFL. You never know.”

“I think you’ll be Peyton’s favorite if you‘ll get open and catch the ball for him, then you’re his favorite. So hopefully I can continue to do that and I’ll get a lot of balls thrown to me.”

“You know you have a guy that is going to get you in the right play and if you get open, more times than not, the ball is going to be there for you where it is supposed to be.”

Linebacker Von Miller is impressed by rookie LB Danny Trevathan:
“He led the SEC in tackling two years in a row, and that’s pretty impressive in itself. When he gets our here and you see him running around you see exactly why. He has a nose for the ball. He’s pretty instinctive. And he just knows how to make plays.”

Rookie Linebacker Danny Trevathan’s NFL first training camp:
“It’s been hectic. You have to hang in there. It’s tough out here, but you have to be that guy—when you’re called on, you know how to handle yourself. Coach has done a good job of teaching me and throwing me into the fire. I have to be able to crawl my way out of there. That playbook is not easy, but I’ve put in the work and I have linebackers behind me that are really going to help me put in the work. It’s a blessing being with these guys.”

“You don’t want to get too comfortable with your job. You want to get comfortable, but you don’t want to get too comfortable. You want to be able to work hard and keep working. With this defense we have right now, it’s all about speed and running to the ball. That’s going to be the emphasis this year—running to the ball.”

Safety Rahim Moore learns from watching tape:
“I watched the tape. At the same time, as much bad stuff as you look at, you have to look at the good stuff. Because when you look at too much bad stuff, it will make you think, ‘Ah, man I can’t do this.’ I never get myself discouraged because I was in this situation once before when I first moved up to varsity, when I first played my freshman year in college. I had some ups and downs. But for as long as I have played, everybody’s going to have it. So all I did was get better. I worked hard. I worked hard.”

When you’re a rookie, you’re trying to make some plays. You want to get respect. Sometimes you’re just so fast for your own good and that’s when disciplinary issues come in. Missed tackles come in, missed opportunities, missed picks. So now that I’ve had an offseason where in minicamp, OTAs, where I slow the game down, go back to the basics, to the details and I’m ready.”

Running Back Knowshon Moreno has something to prove:
“I feel like I just need to come out here and get better every day. That’s the main thing. [We have a] new system, new people around. It’s just coming out here and doing the best I can do every day.”

“I feel like I can catch the ball really well out of the backfield or even line up as a wide receiver and do some things.”

“Like I said before, just every day, [I’m] doing something different and progressing with that. Every day is getting better and I just have to keep on moving forward now.”

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