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DENVER (KDVR) — Monday Night Football ended in an overtime thriller between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens.

The Raiders grabbed the win, 33-27.

Another highlight of the night was the ESPN2 simulcast of the game with Peyton and Eli Manning.

Before the game even started, Eli took to social media to talk about his nerves.

“I’m a little nervous about tonight. Good thing I have a co-host who used to give me wedgies. Comforting!!”

There were several moments during the game that brought laughter to those who were watching.

The sheriff was already making bold predictions about the Raiders’ predicted success (or lack thereof) after the first play.

“They’re looking at 6-11 right now,” shared Manning.

“It doesn’t seem very smart of ESPN to put Peyton and Eli on ESPN2,” tweeted Ben McKee. “Not because it’s not a great idea, but because surely nobody is watching the main broadcast.

“This is amazing television.”

Another funny moment happened when Peyton popped on a Ravens helmet to explain a play.

“This helmet doesn’t fit,” shared Peyton.

“They didn’t have a XXL helmet for that forehead,” responded Eli.

Here’s how social media reacted:

“The Peyton and Eli Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN2 is fantastic,” shared Clay Travis.

“Peyton & Eli is an absolute grand slam. Errrr………touchdown. You know what I meant,” shared Conor McGahey.

“Well… this Peyton and Eli thing is already the greatest thing I’ve ever watched and we’re only 2:30 in to the game. Just fantastic!” shared Jason Bacon.

“Watching @espn Peyton & Eli, I switch channel and my wife says “Hey where did Peyton & Eli go?” I just fell in love all over again,” tweeted Brian Willie.

“Peyton Manning just said in order for a QB to call his own plays sometimes you have to act like the helmet-mic isn’t working. You absolutely sell out the equipment guys to get yelled at but you make it up to them at the end of the year with expensive Christmas presents. Dead (insert laughing to tears emoji),” tweeted Allan Bell.

“Maybe the most impressive thing about this Manning broadcast is getting the most enjoyable public version of Russell Wilson we’ve seen since he got drafted. Loose, funny, talking football,” tweeted Will Brinson.