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DENVER (KDVR) — Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara are beloved by many in the Seattle area for their commitment to the community, especially to children.

There are those in the Pacific Northwest who say they are “Seattle royalty.” Now all eyes are on Denver and how those in the Mile High City will receive the dynamic duo.

Wilson is known for his talents on the field, but he is also known for his work with children.

“Ciara and I created this foundation called the Why Not You Foundation where we’re able to affect kids and make a big change in the world … and do some cool things from cancer research to education,” Wilson said during a Seattle Seahawks press conference in 2018.

From proceeds on a clothing line to auctioning off cleats, and more, Wilson has focused on children in underserved communities. Part of the couple’s mission has been pairing kids with mentors to ensure they succeed in school and life in general.

Wilson’s and Ciara’s Why Not You Foundation says it fights poverty through education and empowering youth to lead with a “why not you” attitude.