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DENVER — The road to the championship could be paved with yellow towels.

Diehard Broncos fans are pleading with Denver ticket holders to not sell tickets to the Pittsburgh Steelers faithful for Sunday’s AFC divisional playoff game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

And they’re fired up.

Steelers fans are notorious for filling opposing stadiums, including in Denver in January 2006 for the AFC Championship Game.

Fans say there are season ticket holders willing to sell their playoff seats to the highest Steelers bidder and they say doing so will change the atmosphere of the Broncos’ home stadium.

Sue Downing has been a season ticket holder since the early 1970s. Downing is begging Denver fans to hold on to their seats.

“If for any reason that you don`t think or feel you can’t or want to come to the game, could you please sell your ticket to another Bronco fan?” Downing asked.

Downing said the fear stems from the AFC title game 10 years ago.

“How devastating it was to see all of these Steelers fans,” she said.

She said Steelers fans could be seen in nearly one-third of the seats at the stadium. Pittsburgh won, 34-17.

Two years ago, Downing said she put up with the same thing.

“Especially those terrible towels. I hate those towels. I see them towels and I go, it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull,” she said.

The well-traveled Steelers fans pay big money to Broncos season ticket holders for seats at the game.

“You bought a ticket. If you can’t come to that game and sit in that game, at one of the most important games of the season and you`re going to sell that ticket to a Pittsburgh person?” Downing asked.

Downing said those who do should re-evaluate calling themselves a Broncos fan.

“That’s what’s being lost. The cohesiveness of Mile High,” she said.

At least 10 percent of the tickets for Sunday’s game are for sale on the secondary market with the average ticket going for about $500.