ATLANTA (KDVR) — The charity founded by Peyton and Ashley Manning established a new Georgia Tech scholarship in the name of Manning’s former teammate Demaryius Thomas, who passed away suddenly last year due to ongoing health complications.

The PeyBack Foundation and Georgia Tech made the announcement Wednesday. The Demaryius A. Thomas Scholarship Endowment will give scholarships to incoming freshmen students from Laurens County, Georgia, where Thomas grew up.

Scholarships may be full or partial, depending on the number of applicants and needs. Recipients need a 3.2 or higher grade point average to qualify and need to demonstrate community involvement and service.

“An important part of Demaryius’ legacy was the way he inspired the next generation to pursue their dreams with the same perseverance and determination that defined him,” Manning said in a statement. “Through this scholarship to Georgia Tech, Demaryius will have a lasting impact on deserving youth from his hometown area who can follow in his footsteps and accomplish great things in life.”

Georgia Tech football will honor Thomas’ memory during the 2022 season with a number 8 decal on helmets, and the number 8 painted on the field for home games.