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DENVER — If you follow Von Miller on social media you may have been a little shocked when you saw his feed on Sunday morning.

On Sunday, Miller posted that he was traded to the Cleveland Browns. But, before you have a heart attack, remember that Sunday is April 1. Also known as: April Fools Day.

“It’s been real Denver! The “Mile High City” and the @broncos will always have my heart! SB50 Champs! They can never take that away from us! @clevelandbrowns & @juice_landry what’s good,” Miller posted on Instagram.

This is the second year in a row that the Broncos superstar has played this joke on Broncos Country.

In 2017, Miller posted a fake ESPN alert that said he had been traded – but he didn’t specify the Browns last year.

Rest assured, Miller will still be with the Broncos this fall.