DENVER (KDVR) — Nathaniel Hackett will become the next head coach of the Denver Broncos.

As news of Hackett’s hiring started spreading on social media Thursday morning, there were mixed reactions of both excitement and disappointment. FOX31’s Nick Griffith and Alex Rose discussed how his offensive mindset may impact the Broncos next season on FOX31 NOW.

Much of the reaction was of fans hoping that Hackett would help bring Aaron Rodgers to Denver as the next quarterback.

Here are some of the reactions shared:

“Direct line to Aaron Rodgers. Go get him,” shared Ken Bartlett on Facebook.

“Better chance of getting Rodgers, I hope,” Mary Cross shared.

“Maybe a decent season for a change,” Robert Shackelford said.

“Broncos should have a great year,” Michelle Anderson shared.

Heather Grossaint shared, “Glad to see a head coach with OC background and not defensive. Guess we will see how this goes.”

Other comments weren’t as optimistic:

“No, look at the track record of the first time head coaches the broncos have brought in, we need someone with leadership experience at this rate we won’t make the playoffs within the next 4 years,” Aaron Futrell.

“I give him 2 season,” Elsie McMullin shared.

“Were never going to win again,” Luis Gonzalez said.

Josh Swink shared, “Now we can look forward to the Broncos choking in the playoffs every year.”

“Well that puts a Band-Aid on the coaching and quarterback problem. Now time to heal the disease of not having leadership and get the ownership taking care of then Broncos can be a contender again,” shared Timothy Ortega.

MaryLyn Wilklow Papst shared on Facebook, “Oh boy…. here we go again! I say bring back Mike Shanahan!!!”

Hackett will replace Fangio, who failed to lead the team to the NFL playoffs in each of his three seasons as head coach.