Looking for orange on ‘United in Orange Friday’ in Denver

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United in Orange Friday in Denver

United in Orange Friday in Denver

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DENVER — An official mayoral proclamation created  “United in Orange Friday” as a way for Broncos fans to show their support.

But you wouldn’t guess by looking around the 16th Street Mall that fans are standing solidly by their team that takes on the Indianapolis Colts Sunday.

“I did not get the memo I was supposed to be wearing orange,” says Donald Ferguson III, who recently moved to Denver from Florida.

It seems most everyone is united in every color–but orange–unless you’re wearing a safety vest.

“I don’t have orange. Orange doesn’t go good with my skin,” says Ruby King of Denver.

There is a lot of black and gray though. (Wait! The Raiders are not in this.)

You’ll even see pops of turquoise–and stripes and plaids seem more in style.

“Maybe it’s covered up with everybody’s jackets. It’s chilly today,” says Broncos fan Jackie Bogle.

She and her coworkers did do their part to support the Broncos in their fourth consecutive AFC West division title.

“They need to come out and support the Broncos for sure. We don’t want a bunch of Colts fans showing up, out doing us,” she says.

At least, Debbie Ramsey, who was in full orange attire, won’t let that happen.

And she’s pretty sure the rest of us won’t either.

“I absolutely think Denver supports the Broncos whether they wear the colors or not. I know a lot of people in the office just forgot today or didn’t realize or heard about it at the last moment,” she says.

“We flew in really early. Our flight left SLC at 6 this morning,” says Broncos fan Heidi Maw.

She heard about “United in Orange Friday” days ago outside Colorado.

“If I am going to come from Utah and I got it together and I’m sporting my orange, by all means,  people of Colorado, you’ve got to get it together,” she says.

Orange may not be the new black in Denver Friday.

But fans say they are true blue to their team.

“I’m ready to go. I’ve been a fan all my life. So, go Broncos,” says Bogle.

Denver takes on the Colts in a divisional playoff game at 2: 40 p.m. Sunday at Sports Authority at Mile High Stadium.

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