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Broncos ownership lawsuit dismissed; Peyton Manning responds

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DENVER (KDVR) — Both sides of the Pat Bowlen will and trust lawsuit have agreed to dismiss the case.

In the agreement, they agreed that the former Denver Broncos owner’s end of life decisions were made voluntarily and should be followed.

Bowlen’s eldest two daughters, Beth Bowlen Wallace and Amie Klemmer, were suing the three-person trust he designated in 2009, saying that he was pressured into creating it. Control of the team was transferred to the trust in 2012 and Bowlen died in 2019.

The trust is made of team president and CEO Joe Ellis, team counsel Rich Slivka and Denver attorney Mary Kelly

“I’m certainly as interested in what’s going to happen as anybody because I care about it, just like I care about the Colts, Tennessee, you name it. As I’ve told you before I’ve gone on a year-to-year basis in this second chapter,” former Broncos QB Peyton Manning said.

The judge in the case dismissed the claims with prejudice, meaning they cannot be brought back in the future.

The case was supposed to be heard in court starting July 12, but late last months both sides agreed to vacate the hearing date.

It is unclear what this means for the team’s future, but for the time being the trust will retain control.

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