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DENVER (KDVR) — Pro Football Talk’s Peter King says Jeff Bezos might not be interested in owning an NFL franchise after all.

King said there are at least four individuals actively looking into buying the Denver Broncos but Bezos is not one of them.

“Very back-burner right now, but at some point soon, there’s going to be a resolution to who will own the Denver Broncos. If the seven children of Pat Bowlen cannot agree on a succession plan, the franchise trustees are likely to sell the team. Now I’ve heard that at least four individuals of means have been actively digging around to discover if said purchase will be smart. When I say “of means,” I mean those in private business who have billions to spend. As for all of those (Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones, among others) who’d love to see Jeff Bezos get involved in ownership of an NFL franchise, I hear he’s not interested. At least now he’s not.”

Peter King

Front Office Sports reported that the Denver Broncos will go on the market last month.

The legal battle over ownership of the Denver Broncos will be decided by a judge.