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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — When the news broke that Broncos star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas had been traded to the Houston Texans, Broncos players wasted no time sharing their thoughts on social media.

The Broncos traded Thomas on Tuesday in exchange for a fourth and seventh round draft pick. Thomas and the Texans will be at Broncos Stadium to face the Broncos on Sunday.

Von Miller was among the first to react to the news.

“These last 8 years have been incredible,” Miller wrote on Instagram. “I love you bro. I’m hurt, no doubt. I can’t be too hurt because every chance I got to tell you I love you, did just that.”

“From our time together off the field, to our time on it. You are a brother to me, and ‘Blood couldn’t make us any closer’ LOVE ETERNALLY!”

Miller and Thomas were back-to-back Broncos first round draft picks in 2010 and 2011 and helped lead the team to a Super Bowl 50 victory over the Panthers in 2016.

“To my brother, Good luck to you. I’m excited for this new journey God has you on,” linebacker Brandon Marshall wrote in an Instagram post. “I always got your back, and I’m glad you got mine.”

Marshall and Thomas were the only two Broncos players to stay in the tunnel during the national anthem in the 2018 season opener.

Emmanuel Sanders said he was brought to tears by the news. The two have created quite the wide receiver duo over the past few seasons.

“This one brought me to tears. 5 years my brotha we gave the city all we had,” Sanders wrote. “You know the love runs deep between us. Our ties are bigger than football, this is a life bid. La familia.”

Kicker Brandon McManus called the news a “sad sad day in Denver” adding that he is thankful for his friendship with Thomas.

Other players also shared their sadness and wished Thomas the best of luck in the future.