DENVER (KDVR) — Russell Wilson has been paid more every time he throws the ball than other top-paid quarterbacks, but not as much as Aaron Rodgers for his rushing game.

In September, the KDVR Data Desk found Wilson earned more money per pass attempt than the median income in the city he plays for. Late in the season, he makes more than all but the highest-paid Coloradans.

For this analysis, the Data Desk calculated what each player has earned up to this point in the season based on average annual salary. This was divided by the player’s current season’s performance in yardage and completions. As the season progresses, these estimates will fluctuate but remain broadly level as players collect more pay and more yards, attempts and completions.

The analysis included five of the league’s highest-paid quarterbacks – Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Deshaun Watson, the fourth-highest-paid quarterback in the league, was left off the list because he did not play in the first 12 weeks.

Russell Wilson has an average annual salary of $48.5 million. At that pay, he will have earned $37.1 million through the course of 13 games.

Wilson earns the most for every pass attempt and every pass completion. To this point in the season, he has earned $167,820 for every pass completion and $101,374 for every pass attempt. Roughly 20% of individual Coloradans earn that amount or more in a year.

The Arizona Cardinals’ Kyler Murray earns more per yardage, with $16,032 for every passing yard gained. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers also earns more than Wilson in this regard, with $14,464 for every yard gained.

Green Bay’s quarterback earns far more for rushing attempts.

Aaron Rodgers has earned $618,262 for every rushing yard – more than three times what Russell has earned. Rodgers has earned $2.1 million every time he attempts rush the ball, more than double what Russell earned for the same factor.