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DENVER — The Broncos have a lot of love for Demaryius Thomas, despite his recent trade to the Houston Texans. A banner hanging outside Mile High Stadium says “thank you” to the former wide-receiver who suited up in blue and orange for eight years.

Thomas will his return to the stadium Sunday, but under completely different circumstances  – he’ll be taking on his former teammates as the newest Houston Texan. Many fans who tailgated before the game said they’re saddened by the trade but it may have been the right move at the right time.

“Sad to see him go but I think it will probably be good for both parties. I think it will probably work out,” said Imogene Manuelito, who figured money was probably a factor in the decision.

Daniel Bates, a Broncos fan from Texas who drove up for the game agreed, saying, “losing DT is a big hit, just because of his veteran leadership. I think it’s a money situation. I think that’s a big reason why they decided to let him go. I do feel like he’s worth a lot more than a fourth round pick so that’s the only downfall of it.”

Another fan said it will take a while to adjust to seeing Thomas in a #87 Texans jersey instead of the #88 Broncos jersey they’ve come to know.