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Elway, Tebow tell different stories about how trade happened

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DENVER — Tim Tebow is officially out of town, but he’s still making headlines in Denver.

Tebow and John Elway told different stories Thursday about how Wednesday’s trade went down.

It’s a war of words between a couple of former Broncos quarterbacks.

There has been criticism of Tim Tebow on sports radio in Denver that Tim Tebow may not be telling the truth on exactly how it happened.

Tebow claims he had no influence on which team he was traded to. Elway, however, says the deal was down to New York and Jacksonville, and that it was Tebow’s decision.

Jacksonville is Tebow’s home town.

On Thursday, Elway was asked, “Did you give Tim a choice?” Elway says, “We did. We did.”

Tim Tebow: “Ultimately, I didn’t really have any (choice) because the Broncos had all of that power.”

Technically, that’s correct since the football team always makes the final call in a trade situation. But according to Elway, it was anything but a power play, and that the lines of communication were wide open.

Elway: “We were in contact with Tim throughout the day.”

Tebow: “I was just waiting and watching and trying to figure it out, just like everybody else.”

It was a day that included a lot of back-and-forth between several different teams.

Elway: “And, I talked to him and he knew what was going on the whole time.”

Tebow: “Anytime you watch ESPN, you get updated pretty quick so that’s kind of how I was getting updated throughout the whole process.”

The divorce is final, but the truth of how it became final is still in question.

Elway: “So, the reports that he was not involved are not accurate.”

Tebow: “It’s exciting, and I’m excited to be a Jet.”

Elway also says the Broncos actually preferred to make a deal with Jacksonville, because the Jaguars 4th round pick is higher than the 4th round pick the Broncos received from the Jets. But, Denver wanted Tebow to have the option.

There has been talk on sports radio in Denver Tebow doesn’t want to come out and say he chose against going to play in his home town of Jacksonville.

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