Do’s and don’ts when selling Broncos tickets for more than face value

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DENVER — So, you want to go to the AFC Championship game between the Broncos and New England Patriots. You’re not alone.

But with the ticket demand at a premium, ticket prices will follow.

“I’ve seen people asking four, five times cost of face value,” said Candy Lewis, owner of A Lewis Tickets in Glendale.

Welcome to scalped ticket land. But wait, that’s illegal, right?

“Scalping is not illegal. It depends on where you’re at. There is no state statute to cover this,” said Russell Hebets from Hebets & McCallin Attorneys at Law.

In Denver, a city ordinance makes it illegal to sell tickets for higher than face value. It’s not a felony, “but it is criminal. You’re looking at a criminal record, still looking at fines, up to a year in jail,” Hebets warned.

It is not a violation to purchase scalped tickets in Denver, but why pay more than face value unless maybe the Broncos are in the AFC Championship Game? In that case, you could visit a ticket broker like Candy Lewis.

There, you can legally purchase a scalped ticket.

“Which is totally legal if you’re outside Denver County,” Lewis said.

That is why no ticket brokers are located within Denver’s city limits.

The AFC Championship Game is keeping local ticket brokers busy.

“This has been the busiest game in all the years we’ve been in business. All the years, flat out,” Lewis said as she is interrupted by yet another ringing phone.

Just remember: Scalp in Denver, do some time. Outside Denver, enjoy the sunshine.

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