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DENVER — The 2016 Broncos cheerleading squad was introduced in front of a packed house Sunday night.

The roster consists of 16 veterans and 10 rookies. The final auditions took place at the University of Denver’s Gates Concert Hall. The seating capacity is about 1,000 and nearly every seat was full as the cheerleaders put on a show for the fans.

Natalie is a student at the University of Colorado and can now call herself a Broncos cheerleader.

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time,” she said. “I was a Junior Denver Broncos cheerleader and I was just told that I am the first junior cheerleader turned big cheerleader, so it’s been a dream of mine since I was 6 years old,” she said.

Kate made the squad for the fourth season in a row, and she said the feeling never gets old.

“It feels amazing every time,” she said. “You know how amazing this team is and you want it that much more every year.”

Now that auditions are complete, next up is the famous swimsuit calendar photo shoot in Mexico.