Coach Fangio wears face shield after getting fined $100K for not pulling mask up

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DENVER (KDVR) — Earlier this week, Broncos head coach Vic Fangio was fined $100,000 for not pulling his face mask up during the game. On Sunday, Fangio was spotted wearing a face shield.

The first photo was taken during the game on Sept. 20. The second photo was taken on Sept. 27, following the fine.

Wednesday was the first time Broncos Head Coach Fangio spoke about getting fined and he said he knows he should have been better about it. 

“What happens during the game is, I am calling the defenses to communicate that, so it can be sent in to the players. When the officials come over and talk to me, I pull it down and so do they. When I have my mask up after eight to 10 seconds, it starts to fog up my glasses,” said Fangio.

These seem like valid excuses, but it doesn’t matter to the NFL. Fangio was asked if he would do some kind of shield like Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid, and this might be the route Fangio goes. 

“I am going to consider that. In fact, I was going to use that the first game, but in the process I decided not to,” said Fangio. 

It probably won’t be a mistake Fangio makes again, considering he was fined $100,000 and the Broncos additional $250,000.

All the fines for the NFL go to charities, and Fangio reacted to that money for not masking up like this: “That’s great that any spare change can go to charities.” 

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