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DENVER — The Denver Broncos’ Cheerleaders, Miles the Mustang and Thunder are all making last minute preparations before they head off to New Jersey on Thursday.

The ladies are bringing a little country flair to the Super Bowl and they’re putting the final touches on their routines and yes, they are bringing their boots.

Heather Hartman, one of the team captains said, “We will definitely be practicing in our hotel rooms.” Hartman says they are bringing their chaps too, hoping to two-step for a Broncos victory. “We’re nervous for the game. We feel really prepared as cheerleaders,” Hartman added.


Miles is preparing too. He’s practicing his moves and plans to use that touchdown dance that is so well known. As for that “other” mascot, Miles looks ready to crush him.


Of course it wouldn’t be complete without Thunder. He’ll be leading the players on the field and running in the end zone to celebrate each touchdown. Since the Super Bowl is a neutral zone, he can’t run across the field, like he does at home games. But, he will be there, just contained to the end zone. He’s being shipped out, via FedEx, on Thursday.


Thunder’s owner, Sharon Magness-Blake said, “Coach Fox always gives me a high five as he goes out.” Just like other athletes, this horse has a few rituals of his own. Ann Judge-Wegener; Thunder’s rider; explained, “She stands on that side, I stand on this side and then when we score, I take the blanket off and I go under here like that and get on him.” It may not be the easiest way to get on the field, but superstitions abound, and for Judge-Wegener, it works.


He’s certainly a horse that knows what he wants. He can shake his head “yes” for a treat and he wants a Broncos Super Bowl victory.