DENVER (KDVR) — Sean Payton has a well-defined palate. He knows what he likes and doesn’t like.

On the field, his Denver Broncos team dished up their first win at home in 2023, sending Green Bay packing 19-17.

Far from perfect, but the Broncos improved to 2-5 for the season.

“Why can’t I be happy? Well, you’re searching for the perfect game,” Payton said on his Monday morning audio press call. “You’re searching for that perfect game. I’m gonna wear my emotions on my sleeve.”

Off the field, Payton celebrated the win with a family dinner. All good in Broncos Country, right? Except for one thing – he doesn’t like sushi.

“I’m a good team player. Sometimes you have to sit outside restaurants you don’t totally like,” he said.

As for the team, the win keeps the Broncos afloat after struggles early in the season. The hope now is to build on what is working, like the running game which totaled 145 yards against the Packers on Sunday.

“Teams can flip the switch midseason,” Payton said. “The key is giveaways and takeaways.”

Since 1990, three teams have made the playoffs after starting the season with a record of 1-5: Washington (2020), Indianapolis (2018), and Kansas City (2015). Sean Payton and the Broncos hope they still have a puncher’s chance after improving to 2-5.

The next challenge is a heavyweight as the Kansas City Chiefs bring a 16-game winning streak against the Broncos to Mile High this Sunday. The game comes just 17 days after the Chiefs took down Denver in a 19-8 win on Thursday Night Football. 

Kickoff Sunday is scheduled for 2:25 p.m.

Side notes:

– When asked about an on-the-field exchange between himself and defensive coordinator Vance Joesph after calling a time-out with 10 men on the field, Payton expressed support – “I’m in a great spot with Coach Joseph.”

– On safety Kareem Jackson, who was kicked out of the game after a hard-hit Sunday, “he’s someone that is smart and wants to do the right thing.”