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Peyton Manning talks about training camp progress. August 2, 2012

Peyton Manning talks about training camp progress. August 2, 2012

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Here’s a great way to find out how the Denver Broncos are progressing during this training camp when expectations are sky high. The information is straight from the coaches and players themselves.

Head Coach John Fox: Tight Ends Good Target For Manning

“I think it will be big. I think [QB] Peyton’s [Manning] showing a tendency to like tight ends. (Jacob Tamme, Joel Dreessen) They’re both very athletic as well as good receivers. Very precise route-runners. It’s a shorter throw than out wide. Most good passing games have always had a tight end that’s a multiple reception guy and I think both of those guys are capable.”

 Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio: What He’ll Be Looking For at Saturday’s Scrimmage

 “It’s like a dry run at a game, almost. Not as many reps, maybe. I think we’ll end up with close to 40 snaps so not quite a full game. Defensively, you’ll get 60, 65, 70 snaps in a game. But we’ll work everybody. We’ll have our coaches in the booth. We’ll work substitution from the sideline which we try to work quite a bit out here. But really, seeing how guys respond when the lights are on. When it’s simulated a little closer to an actual ball game, some guys respond better than others. We want to see how the group responds, how individuals respond. We’re still working on ourselves, Broncos on Broncos, so there’s not game-planning involved or anything like that. But we just want to see the guys compete and let it sort itself out. We have a lot of decisions to make on this football team and that will be one part in that process.”

I’ll be“On the sideline. I’ve been on the sideline my whole career. I spent one miserable year in Baltimore in the booth. It was the worst year of my life. I’ve been on the field all my life. I see it on the field. I like to feel it. I like to be able to look in guys’ eyes on the sidelines. That’s just where I’m comfortable calling the game. I’ve got eyes up top to report to me and give me the information I need. That’s how I’ve always approached it. Hopefully that answers it.”

 Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy: Assessing Brock Osweiler’s progress

 “The great thing [about Brock Osweiler] is that he’s taking every note possible, watching Peyton and the other two quarterbacks play. He’s worked extremely hard during the offseason. He just shows up every day and tries to get better. He’s done a nice job. The more time, the more reps he gets, the better he will be because as a quarterback you need reps. If you just take one or two snaps here and there, it’s hard to get in a groove. As you’re learning a new system like he is, it’s going to take some time. Like we’ve said in the past about the quarterbacks here, there’s going to be some growing pains with them. He’s going to hit a roadblock. He hit one last week, information overload kind of sets in when you keep on installing through training camp. And then he snaps out of it and he’ll have his good and bad days.”

“The good thing is that we’ll go in there and having no idea at all what he’s going to see. Just him letting go out there and play football. We’ll simplify for certain people when they’re in there and just let them go out and play and let guys react. But it’s not just him. It’s all 11 guys in the huddle together, sticking together and playing fast and doing their job. And not having some breakdowns like you’ve seen out here.”

Quarterback Peyton Manning: Reviews His Receivers

“Well, I think that’s a process. You know, it starts in the offseason [with] OTAs, mini-camp, training camp and throughout the preseason. I think you learn a little bit more about each guy every time you throw to him. Obviously I’ve thrown a ton of passes in my career to both [TE] Jacob [Tamme] and [WR] Brandon [Stokley]. It’s nothing you can really rush. It takes practices, it takes different scenarios, different types of situations—two-minute, third down, red zone. The more game-like situations, which is what we’re doing more now, Coach Fox is putting the players on the sideline and kind of playing a game out there, and I think that’s better for our whole team, especially for our offense.”

“I think Demaryius Thomas has had a really good camp, even when [WR] Eric [Decker] has been in practice. Demaryius is a guy who we’re going to feature his size and strength and speed. [It] allows you to do certain things with him that other players just can’t do. Eric’s had a really good camp. He just got a little tweak, but hopefully he’ll be back this afternoon or tomorrow. Demaryius these past two days, he’s done some good things with the ball after the catch, which is what we’re going to need. You can’t just throw down the field every time, you’ve got to take a five-yard hitch or a 10-yard hook route and turn it into a 20- or a 30-yard gain, and he’s shown those type of plays these past two days, and it’s a real credit to him.”

“He’s the biggest receiver I’ve played with since I’ve been in pro ball, certainly, and like you said, he has that rare combination of size and speed, so I look forward to getting more comfortable with him and growing together through this process. Every day is important. It’s not just him, it’s with all the receivers as we work together to get on the same page in many different phases.”

“Brandon Stokley’s looked excellent in my opinion. He feels good, he’s running good routes. He’s always had that rare ability. I put him and [Patriots WR Wes] Welker in that same category. Their ability to come out of break super-quick and stop on a dime. He’s worked real hard, he’s got himself in shape, he’s got a feel for the offense and the more you know about the offense, the faster you can play. He’s going to play a real big role for us this year as well, in my opinion.”

“Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen can do a number of things. It appears to the guys that I’ve played with before, like Dallas Clark and Marcus Pollard, and both Jacob and Joel fit into that role and present matchup problems for a defense. Do you put a linebacker on them? Now you’ve got a pass coverage situation. Do you put a defensive back on them? Well, now we can line up and run the ball, so you like guys like that who put the defense in a bind where they have a conversation. They say, ‘How are we going to treat this guy?’ And so it’s a credit to both of them because they can run, both of them are good blockers [who give] a lot of effort blocking, and I know [Offensive Coordinator Mike] McCoy’s excited about having both of them and just trying to keep defenses off balance.”

“Bubba Caldwell has excellent speed. It’s a rare speed to get deep on corners. You can tell when they’re covering him, if you miss one step, he can run right by you. He’s obviously adjusting to a new offense like all of us are. I like working with Bubba, and I think he has a lot of explosive plays in him.”  

Running Back Knowshon Moreno: Competition at Running Back

“I watch everyone. Us, as a running back group, we all compete with each other just to make each other better. We do that as a team also.”

“We help each other out. When I was a rookie coming in I had [former RB Correll] Buckhalter and some of the other guys who helped me out when I didn’t know what to do. We definitely help the younger guys out so they can get in there and just play football.”

You can see him [Peyton} slinging that ball around so those defensive guys back up a little bit and help the running game. I think the running game helps the pass game also.”

Chris Gronkowski  “Forty-nine is a big boy. He does what he does. He’s a good full back.”

Roster Moves and Injuries:

Signed [WR] Cameron Kenney, wide receiver, out of Omaha, off [waivers from] Seattle’s list. Did not participate today: [WR] D’Andre Goodwin, foot; [S] Quinton Carter, hamstring and knee; [WR] Tyler Grisham, knee; [WR] Greg Orton, ankle; [RB] Ronnie Hillman, hamstring; [T] Orlando Franklin, concussion.

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