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DENVER (KDVR) — It would appear that the Denver Broncos’ long-running record of season ticket renewals, which registers in annually at just under 99% since opening day in 1970, is about to get tested following the announcement of another price hike.

Following a tough season, highlighted by a losing record, the unceremonious departure of a head coach, and having to bid farewell to a future Hall of Famer, Broncos nation is hurting.

That state of mind was not alleviated Wednesday morning when an invoice was sent out to all 2021 season ticket holders, alerting them that they could start renewing. Also in the renewal invoice: the news of an increase in what it would cost to do so.

It would seem that the impact of the pandemic is continuing to affect the club’s fiscal decision-making, even after a 2021 season with fans back in the stands.

According to Megan Boyle, a communications strategist for the football club:

  • 58% of season ticket prices will INCREASE.
  • 39% of season tickets will remain the SAME.
  • 3% of season ticket prices will DECREASE.

New Broncos season ticket payment plan

To ease the strain of this sudden increase, and to keep the renewal rate hovering just short of perfection, a payment plan has been offered up to those who qualify. Basically, the plan breaks up the payments into four separate installments of 25% of the total invoice.

The first of those payments must be submitted by Feb. 24, and the last must be paid by the end of the NFL’s off-season.

Separately, if you pay in full by the first day, then you are entered into a lottery that could result in free season tickets for the 2022 season.

Broncos raising ticket prices: Temporary or a trend?

It was just under one year ago that Broncos’ season ticket holders faced a price hike following a separate losing season. The reasoning from the front office at the time was a mixture of an added 17th season game, the pandemic, and the resulting capacity alterations made at large venues across the nation.

This led to heavy losses in revenue for many clubs, including the Broncos.

It was back in 2017 that the Mile High club froze season ticket prices, and after a losing season the year after, they froze them once more in 2018.

There is no reasonably-run franchise that wants the negative fallout from raising ticket prices after an unsuccessful season. Interestingly enough, the “Orange & Blue” find themselves doing so back-to-back.