DENVER (KDVR) — There’s a new look coming for the Denver Broncos‘ helmets. The “Snowcapped” design features some new elements with an iconic logo.

The helmet, which is called the Snowcapped design, was introduced in a 45-second video that shows the helmet sitting on a throne of ice. Justin Simmons and Pat Surtain II are the only two players featured in the video, both wearing orange uniforms. The two players put on the helmet and then sat on the throne.

The helmet itself is a white base, which the team says pays homage to the snowcapped mountains, with orange and blue stripes running front to back over the crown of the helmet. On either side, it features a throwback Denver “D” logo.

The team said it will only be worn with the orange Color Rush uniforms.

The new design comes ahead of a season where the Broncos are trying to turn things around after a difficult 2022 in which they won only five games.

That standing was low enough to place them last in the division, despite bringing in quarterback Russell Wilson in the off-season.

Since last season ended, the Broncos have hired a new head coach in Sean Payton who previously led the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl victory during the first of his two stints with the team.

This upcoming season with the Broncos will be the first time Payton is the head coach for a team other than the Saints, although he did lower-level coaching and coordinating assignments with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles earlier in his career.

The Broncos have nine home games and eight road games this season. Visiting opponents include the entire AFC West, plus the Washington Commanders, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots.

A new projection from USA Today has the Broncos going 10-7 this season and tying the Chiefs for first in the division. This would put them in the fourth playoff position for the AFC.

It’s not clear which games will feature the new helmets, but there are scheduled to play prime-time games on Oct. 12 at Kansas City, Nov. 13 at Buffalo, Nov. 19 at home against the Vikings and at home on Christmas Eve against the Patriots.