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The Denver Broncos have a lot to talk about as they come off their fourth win in a row, and start preparations for a home game against the San Diego Chargers.

Here’s what coach John Fox and some of they players were saying Monday.


“It’s day to day [Elvis Dumervil’s shoulder injury] and we’ll update you on Wednesday.”

“I think in this league, anytime you get a ‘W,’ you’re happy. That part of it was good. It was good to get back and see family and friends, albeit not for very long. Most of those things are in the offseason.”

“It counts at one so from that standpoint, yes, it’s the same.”

“I’ve gotten game balls for wins before, too. Shoot, I gave the whole team a game ball after the San Diego game.”

“They’re [Chargers] going to look at all those things, too. I know we are 0-3 over the last times they’ve played in our house. They’re a good football team. People remember us coming back—I remember [being down] 24-0. They’re very capable. You look at the yardage from yesterday’s game and it was almost 2:1 and San Diego was favored. They had a couple things happen to them—one in the kicking game, one on an interception return that really was pretty much the difference like most games are in this league when you turn the ball over. It’s a division game. They’re always huge. They always almost count as two. That’ll be our approach.”

“No different [Willis McGahee fumbles] than [WR] Trindon Holliday when he fumbled. It’s an area where it’s obviously not acceptable. He knows it. We know it. We’ll emphasize that. I know Eric Studesville, our running backs coach, will emphasize that. There’ll be a couple emphases this week on how to recover a fumble and then how not to fumble. Those are things that showed up on game tape that we’ll address this week in preparation for San Diego.”

“He’s [Trindon Holiday] got full instructions from Jeff Rodgers, our special teams coach, to bring the ball all the way back to him. Bring it to the sideline, hand it to your coach.”

“It was the same way last year, to be honest with you. They’re both very talented guys. [Matt Prater & Britton Colquitt] Matt did miss his first field goal yesterday but all in all, he’s been clutch, money last season and so far this season. The 53-yarder he made, that was a big kick at a big time because you do give up field position if you miss that. We have tremendous confidence in both of them. Aaron Brewer, our rookie long snapper, has been outstanding. The specialists as a whole, albeit what a difference from a year ago, have been very solid. That has continued into this season as well.”

“We get a [roster] exemption for D.J. this week. We’re excited to have him back. He’s a good football player. He’s well-liked in that locker room. He’s paid his dues and we welcome him back. We’re excited to get him back. What his role exactly will be will be determined by how he practices and works back in but we’re excited to have him back. We don’t have to make a roster change until later and we’ll keep you posted.”

“I haven’t seen him since the end of last season. I just know a season ago he was arguably our best linebacker and we’ll work him back in. [Linebackers Coach] Richard Smith, his position coach, and [Defensive Coordinator] Jack [Del Rio] and the rest of the defensive staff will look at him, see how he’s doing. He’s been working out hard with Luke Richesson, our strength coach. He’s not been able to practice. He’s only been able to be in meetings. We’ll just see how it comes together. He’s another guy we can draw from and we’ll see where it fits. Same with when we get [CB] Tracy Porter back.”

“It’s the ultimate of team sports. You’re trying to get 11 guys to do the exact right thing every play. Same thing in the kicking game. [WR] Trindon Holliday wasn’t even in camp. It’s been well-documented on the other two sides, offense and defense that, I think, we have a good group in that locker room working hard every day in preparation. That’s the big reason why you see the results on Sunday so if we can continue to do that we’ll continue to improve.”

“Like every week, you strive for perfection in all three phases. You seldom get it. I think they played well enough for us to win and I think in all three phases, I could say that but I think we can improve in all three phases as well.”

“As long as they don’t draw penalties. [celebratory dances] It’s an emotional game. You like guys to have fun but as long as it doesn’t hurt the team, I’m OK with it.”

“We’re just part way through the season. We’re one game after halftime and, albeit a good start, we’ve strung four together and you want to keep that going. At the end of the day, you’re trying to win your division and we haven’t clinched that yet by any stretch. Really, it’s, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ and we’ve got a new test this week. That’s the message. It’s one week at a time. Try to improve every week. We’ve got our bar set pretty high and we’ll see where that brings us.”

“Von’s gotten off to a great start, no question. I can’t speak for J.J. Watt because I don’t watch him as much. Obviously, I watched him some when we were preparing to play them. He’s a heck of a player. Von’s a guy that continues to get better. He’s stayed healthy. A year ago, he had that thumb injury and he had to play kind of one-armed for part of the season. Again, my stress point to every one of these guys is just getting better. We better get better this week than we were last week and that’s not going to change much moving forward.”

“He’s obviously a very gifted athlete. He’s a great young man and he’s not afraid to work hard. Nothing much he does surprises me.”

“Robert [Ayers] probably had one of his better games since I’ve been here. We have a lot of guys that did intermingle in there. They get playing time, have made impact plays, from the [CB] Chris Harris’ and the [CB] Tony Carter’s, you name it. Sometimes it’s unlikely heroes. I thought Robert did an outstanding job stepping in when Elvis went down and his role got bigger for that particular game. That’s all part of being a team. Like I said, he had probably one of his better outings since I’ve been here.”

“We’re not there yet. [the offense] Like I said earlier, we’re nine games in to this season with the 10th coming up. I think I’d kind of like to wait until the end of the race to evaluate it. That’s where we are. We’re 6-3.”


“My guys did a good job of blocking for me. And I just found the right hole and I just hit it.”

“He thought I [Carolina punter]  was going to cut inside of him. I just kept to the outside and made him miss.”

“From me being here the last three weeks, I think we’re starting to get the feel of each other and we’re starting to get the feel of the calls that the coaches are calling.”

“Yeah, I think I am.” [the fastest player on the team]

“No, I didn’t realize that. [dropping the ball before reaching the end-zone] Actually it happened last week too and I thought I was actually in the end zone this time, but they told me I wasn’t. So I had to go back and look at the film and I really wasn’t, so coach told me next time to just bring him the ball so we’ll be alright.”

“That’s the new plan: Just cross the goal line and bring him [Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Rodgers] the football to be on the safe side.”

“It just feels good, to just know that the special teams and I have to be accounted for in the game plan. So we just come out every week and practice hard and be ready to go.”

“I think that’s what they were trying to do, [Texans] they were trying to slide me through waivers and bring me back on the practice squad.”

“I didn’t have any hard feelings toward those guys. Those guys gave me opportunities so I was just taking it one day at a time and waiting on the next call.”


“Every day, every meeting, every practice, every game, we’re learning more and more. He [Defensive coach Jack Del Rio] has a philosophy that we have to buy into and we’re buying into it. Stopping the run, making big plays and forcing turnovers. When it’s all said and done, we’re out there to make him look good along with Coach Fox. But both sides of the ball, special teams, everybody’s doing a fantastic job. We’ll just keep working and stay focused.”

“Whenever there’s time on the clock, there’s a will. I don’t care if you’re down 100-0, if there’s time on the clock, anything can happen. It’s about the team who wants it more. That first game we played, we wanted it more. We went out there and played fast. Division games, [we play them] again, everyone wants some revenge. It’s a rivalry to us so we’re going to go out there and play hard.”

“You never can be overconfident. You’ve got to make sure you stay focused and always watch film and continue to enjoy a win for 24 hours and now it’s over and now we get ready for San Diego. It’s a good team we’re playing against. We’re not judging them by their record; we’re judging them by the plays they make on the field and the film. They’re deadly whenever they want to be. [San Diego QB] Philip Rivers, great offensive line, great targets on the offense, the receiving corps, running back corps, D-Line is very solid, [San Diego OLB] Shaun Phillips, those guys are playing good football this year, the secondary is great. They’re a team that if you sleep on them, you’ll look up, it’ll be how it was again—24-0. We’ve got a tough task ahead of us.”

“He’ll be alright. [Elis Dumervil] He’ll be fine. I think he’ll be fine. I don’t even know much. We all just got back. I know that when he was in the other day, he played his butt off. He had a monster game like he always does. That’s our captain, that’s our leader, that’s our play maker. When he’s out there, we know we’re going to get the Elvis that he’s been since he’s been playing football, especially for this organization. He’ll be alright.”

“He’s a play maker. [LB DJ Williams] He’s a physical, hard-nosed football player. He’s from the University of Miami. They breed play makers. When he comes back, he’ll be a little rusty but once he gets his legs up underneath him he’ll shed a few blocks, make some hits and make some plays. It’s the same old D.J. that they drafted him to be.

“He’s been through a lot this year. I’m actually, as a friend, happy to see him back. He smiles a lot more, which is a good thing. I know once he gets his legs up underneath him and once he gets in this mold that he was in last year, it’s another addition to our team so it’s a good thing.”

“Yeah, it’s about time [getting an interception] because I’ve dropped so many. I’ve been in great position. I’ve had my hands on it a lot. I just stayed the course because that’s what I’m here for, to get the ball and make plays and I made a play yesterday. I was actually happy. I’ve made plays through the year but that was the best play to me. Hopefully, you know what they say, when you get one they come in bunches. I just let the game come to me and play football.”


“[I’m] very excited. It was a long road, a long time, but it’s over with. I’m just ready to get back and play.”

“When you’re watching games and things happen, you wish you could be out there helping your teammates, but I did the crime, [so I’ve] got to do the time. It’s over with now. Hopefully I can move on and help my team continue to keep winning.”

“During the whole time, I learned a lot about myself, about my true character. During that whole time—it was two-and-a-half months—I was really by myself, alone, working out and things like that. [I] had to stay dedicated, stay concentrated.”

“n the first few weeks, it was easy to stay motivated, but it’s kind of hard to remember the bigger picture when you’ve got nine weeks ahead of you. There were ups and downs throughout the whole time, but I’m glad I stayed focused and stayed in shape.”

“My mom was there for me. I worked out at the University of Miami. It’s a close-knit family. I had a great trainer. Not only was she there for me physically, but also mentally, just to talk me through daily and help me remember that there was a bigger picture.”

Without being out there for a long time, there will be some rust. Football is a great sport to come back to, because when [you’re] in doubt, just hit somebody.”

“I would like to jump out there Day One, but you’ve got to earn the respect of your teammates, earn your spot back, so I’ll just be patiently waiting.”

“I’m not anticipating anything. I hope sooner or later I can get back to the role I had previously, before I left. I realize it’s going to be difficult just to jump back into that. I’m ready to go whenever they throw me out there.”

“At the end of the day, I’m a football player. I play whatever position they ask me to play.”

“You just tried to keep a positive mindset. Like I said, the only thing that I could control was staying in shape.”

“I won’t say I’m ready to go 70 or 80 plays, but I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve been back here the last three weeks working out with strength coaches here, getting the altitude in my lungs and things like that. I feel pretty good.”

“It is a long season. It’s a long grind. The positive thing about it is, my body is actually fresh compared to previous years.”

“I’m very thankful. [to the Broncos organization] They could have went a different route and they decided to keep me around. I’m thankful of that. Now that I’m back, I’ll just do what I have to do to help the team win.”

“They [the linebackers] have played pretty well. A lot of energy out there. We have the veteran, [LB] Keith Brooking came in and took a great leadership role. [LB Wesley] Woodyard has been playing well. In my opinion, [LB] Von [Miller] has probably been the best defensive player of the year so far and he has picked his game up. A lot of energy and a lot of knowledge to the game. As a whole, the core has been doing pretty well.”

“At the end of the day, I’m confident in my play and I feel that I can get out there and make plays, so when my number is called, I’ll get out there and do the best I can do.”


“Update on the injuries, it was reported yesterday that [DE] Elvis [Dumervil] left the game, did not return, but the MRI proved negative. It’s a muscle strain so that was good news.”

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