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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Broncos President and CEO Joe Ellis addressed the looming ownership change in the organization during the annual National Football League owner’s meeting Monday.

Brandon Krisztal with our news partners at KOA Radio caught up with Ellis as he addressed local Denver media about the process of finding a new owner for the franchise.

“Start of the regular season, I really believe we can have a new owner in place by that time,” Ellis said. “Don’t hold me to that as a guarantee but I do think that’s a realistic timetable.”

When asked about the process of finding a new ownership group, Ellis credited the work of two firms that are helping the Broncos through the transaction.

“There’s really a significant amount of interest from a number of very very qualified bidders in my opinion,” Ellis said.

Ellis wouldn’t elaborate as to who is in the running, since all parties have signed nondisclosure agreements and swore to confidentiality during the process.

“I will say I think it’s exciting for the fans, the team needs a new owner. It’s time for that,” Ellis said.