DENVER (KDVR) —The Broncos should be well rested after the mini-bye, a three-day weekend, following the team’s disappointing 12-9 overtime loss to the Colts.

Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett said he and his coaching staff spent the break working through several issues that have plagued the Broncos’ offense during the first five weeks of the season.

“We went through all the stuff that we’ve done, up to this point (in) those five games, to try and make this a better offense (and) a better team,” Hackett said.

Brandon Stokley on Wilson, Bolles, Chargers

Hackett’s goal is to help quarterback Russell Wilson feel comfortable with the offensive scheme by simplifying the playbook and retooling the Broncos’ struggling rezone offense, which ranks last in the NFL with a 21.4% success rate.

That sounds like a feasible plan, but former Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley isn’t so sure.

“You are what you are. You’re not going to throw everything (that) you’ve been working and doing out the window and start over again. Maybe you (can) tweak a few things,” Stokley said. “I think it’s just a lot of talk, but I’m hoping that we’ll see something better moving forward.”

With starting left tackle Garett Bolles out for the rest of the season, thanks to a broken leg, that may be easier said than done.

At this point, Hackett hasn’t announced who will take Bolles’ place in the lineup. That’s something that concerns Stokley.

“I’m nervous. I’m really nervous about that,” Stokley said. “You just keep your fingers crossed and (hope that) whoever ends up getting that job (can) stay healthy and perform at a decent level.”

Russell Wilson with text that says "LET RUSS HEAL"

With a Monday night date against the division rival Chargers, Stokley believes the Broncos running games could take pressure off of Wilson and lead the team to a much-needed victory.

“I look at this offense for the Broncos and say, you’ve got to run the football. You’ve got to wear out this Chargers defense. They got injuries over there. Control the clock, make a few pass plays (to) keep (quarterback Justin) Herbert on the sideline,” Stokley said.

“I think that’s (what is) really important in this game, is to control the line of scrimmage and run the football if you’re the Broncos.”

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