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DENVER (KDVR) — There are very few NFL players as explosive and tenacious as Von Miller.

Miller is among the league’s best, so it’s no surprise many Denver Broncos fans are now captivated by the opponent that seems to have gotten the best of him: an injury in the form of a superior, peroneal retinaculum tear.

It’s difficult to say, even harder to identify.

“It’s not very common. It’s common in people who do aggressive cutting and pivoting, so exactly what Von does,” explained Dr. Kareem Sobky, and orthopedic surgeon with OrthoOne in Denver.

Sobky compares the retinaculum to a belt, holding the tendons in place. If the retinaculum slips, the tendons can slide and dislocate, and, in Von’s case, flip over the ankle bone.

“They’re not fun, and it’s not fun to feel them slip in and out of place either. Once they tear, a patient shows up in the office, and you can actually feel it move in and out of place. It’s kind of horrible,” Sobky said.

Many fear Von Miller could miss the entire season. However, Dr. Sobky is optimistic we’ll see him return to the field this season.

“The soonest I’ve seen a pro athlete return from something like this is usually 3 months. If I had to choose an injury for an athlete to have in their ankle, this is a better injury to have than an Achilles tendon,” Sobky said.

Doctor Sobky says the typical recovery time for an injury like the one Von Miller suffered is five or six months.

However, some have recovered much sooner. Luis Castillo, a former defensive end for the San Diego Chargers suffered a similar injury in 2007 and surprised just about everyone when he returned two months later and actually played in three playoff games, including the AFC championship.

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