DENVER (KDVR) — Saturdays might be the top football day for Coloradans.

The University of Colorado Buffaloes are looking at sold-out games, empty apparel racks and viewership in the multi-millions this year. After their recent success, the Buffs are shaping up to be more popular than the Denver Broncos this season.

When it comes to past viewership between the Buffs and the Broncos, the numbers are unmatched. According to Google Trends in the past 10 years, the Broncos were searched more than double the Buffs.

This made sense at the time. The Broncos are not only Colorado’s professional football team, but they also came home with a Super Bowl title during the 2015-2016 season.

However, since that Super Bowl, the Broncos’ winning streak has slowly declined and so has its viewership. According to Google Trends, searches for the “Denver Broncos” have decreased by half.

Now, another team is replacing them.

The fanbase is slowly shifting in Colorado. According to Google Trends, in the past week, the Buffs have totaled more Google searches on their game day than the Broncos.

Whether this is due to bandwagoning or pure curiosity, you can’t blame Coloradans for shifting their loyalties.

The Buffs now have a 3-0 record, which is already better than their last season. Meanwhile, the Broncos have gone 0-2, which is a far less dramatic start.

Since the start of the season, Buffs fans have come out in full force to support the home team.

In the past week, it’s estimated that 91% of the CU vs. CSU crowd at Folsom Field was rooting for the Buffs. Celebrities are joining in on the hysteria as well.

Celebrities like “The Rock” and famous football players like Rob Gronkowski attended this past Saturday’s game to watch the Buffs take on rival CSU.

While the Broncos have a whole season ahead of them and decades’ worth of loyal fans, if CU keeps its winning streak, it may be easier to find an orange Broncos shirt on the rack than a buffalo tee.