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DENVER — Rockies rookie shortstop Trevor Story is not only rewriting the record books on the field, he’s changing the game in baseball trading cards.

A signed Story baseball card sold for $1,800 on eBay on Friday, the day of the Rockies’ home opener. That same card was worth about $50 the day the Rockies announced Story as the starting shortstop during spring training.

In a business that compares to the stock exchange, Story’s stock is at an all-time high.

“We’ve seen a lot of interest in players before but I’ve never seen anything heat up this quickly,” said Mike Fruitman, owner of Mike’s Stadium Sports Cards in Aurora.

Fruitman has been selling cards for a quarter century, and this story is one he has never seen before. Phones were ringing off the hook on Saturday from people wanting to buy Story’s baseball cards.

“Usually I’m able to regional trade with other shop owners in other cities but they’re not taking my calls right now because they are selling them as well as we are,” Fruitman said.

Fruitman has an estimated 4.1 million cards in his shop. But until another shipment comes at the end of next week, none of them features the Rockies’ stellar rookie. He’s sold out.

“For a guy to come up and be called the starter in spring training and to hit like this I’ve never seen anything like it,” Fruitman said.

Story’s popularity is not just a local trend. Fruitman said Story’s cards are being preordered at the same rate as some of the best players in Major League Baseball.