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DENVER — After seven games on the road, the Rockies are back in Denver for a three-game homestand against Seattle. Monday’s game was the first at Coors Field in the post Troy Tulowitzki era.

“We lost our shortstop and he’s been here for a long time,” Rockies fan Halie Alzes said. “I didn’t cry, but I did get mad and threw a few things, so I guess it’s kind of the equivalent.”

At Coors Field, disappointed fans were seen wearing Tulowitzki’s No. 2 jersey. A bit of a tribute in some ways and a sign of displeasure with Rockies management.

“I’ll probably wear his jersey until it’s shredded and I can’t wear it anymore,” Rockies fan Janesse Gillespie said. “I’m more than disappointed. I was almost done with the Rockies.”

Tulowitzki was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, who are poised to make a strong run for the playoffs.

The Rockies scored three runs in the ninth inning Monday night against Seattle but lost to the Mariners, 8-7.