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DENVER – The Rockies are in control of their own destiny as they push toward the playoffs.

They need to win two of their last three games this weekend against the Nationals to reach the postseason for the second consecutive year.

The Rockies could win the National League West, tie for the division or go to the wild-card game.

“Not only is it who is going to play who, but it’s who is going to have home-field advantage,” said Joey Schor of Denver’s National Ballpark Museum.

The museum features historic displays of each team the Rockies could face in the potential tiebreaker game or first game of the postseason.

“Whether it’s the Braves, Brewers, the Cubs, the Rockies are still this newer team that doesn’t have the history,” he said.

The Rockies are trying to win the NL West for the first time in their 26-season history.

In that case, they would face the Braves in the first round. Home-field advantage will go to whichever team ends the season with a better record.

In this scenario, at least one playoff game would be played at Coors Field.

The Rockies could end up facing the Cubs or the Brewers in the one-game wild card.

“It’s ridiculous because there are so many scenarios,” Schor said.

There is a worst-case scenario in which the Rockies do not make the playoffs. That would happen if the Rockies and the Cubs get swept in the final series of the regular season.

“It’s baseball. You can’t predict it, anything can happen,” Schor said.

The National Ballpark Museum is a half block from Coors Field. It will have extended hours during the Rockies’ playoff push.