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DENVER — A stepfather from Lakewood who learned the hard way what happens when you throw a home run ball back onto the field at Coors Field received a second chance of sorts on Thursday.

Brandon Sanchez surprised his two little stepsons, along with his wife, last week by bringing them to their first Rockies game. As luck would have it, a home run ball whizzed toward Sanchez and he caught it. The ball was hit by a San Francisco Giants player.

Sanchez’s stepsons were pumped he caught the ball, but Sanchez could care less. He’s a die-hard Rockies fan and wanted nothing to do with a Giants home run ball, so he threw the ball back onto the field.

“I threw the ball back just because it was San Francisco’s home run and I wanted the Story home run ball,” Sanchez said last week, referring to Rockies rookie shortstop Trevor Story.

Moments later, staff and security approached Sanchez. He said the guards told him and his  family to leave because Sanchez threw the ball back onto the field.

The Rockies make it very clear before each game through an announcement around the stadium: At no time should a foul or home run ball be thrown back on the field. Violators will be subject to ejection.

The Rockies disputed Sanchez’s story, saying only Sanchez was ejected and not his entire family.

“And we’re like ‘What? Just for throwing the ball back out on the field?’” Sanchez said last week.

Fans throw opposing team’s balls back onto fields throughout the country. Some stadiums enforce the rule, others don’t.

Sanchez said he was unaware of the rule and had he known, he wouldn’t have thrown the ball. He figured security would have at least given him a warning. Alas, he was unlucky.

But as luck would have it, a lot people believe in second chances. Sanchez and his wife saved up their hard-earned money to afford the tickets to surprise their boys. So having to leave halfway through the game made the boys sad.

After the initial report, Comfort Dental’s Colorado-based office reached out to the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers to get them in contact with Sanchez and his family.

On Thursday, a representative from the company, Alexa Letts, met with Sanchez and his stepsons outside Coors Field to surprise them. On behalf of Letts’ boss, Neil Norton and the entire Comfort Dental team, the family was given clubhouse section seats next to the Rockies dugout.

The boys were also given Junior Starting Lineup jerseys, allowing them to walk on the field before the game.

“We’re actually a big sponsor of the Colorado Rockies and we want to give you some clubhouse seats for you and your family as well as a parking pass,” Letts told them.

The boys were stunned and left speechless. Sanchez could hardly contain his excitement.

“It’s really amazing. They didn’t have to do all of this. [Comfort Dental] stepped out the way and did it for the kids. And that’s what’s most important, for the kids,” Sanchez said.

Despite being booted from last week’s game, Sanchez remains a die-hard Rockies fan. He said if he ever catches a home run ball again — even if it is from an opposing team — he will never throw it back onto the field again.

Sanchez and his family will be attending the June 11 game when the Rockies play the San Diego Padres.