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DENVER – The Colorado Rockies had a very special guest to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Wednesday night’s game.

Hailey Dawson is just eight years old and has already done something many people will never get the chance to do. She threw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

Not only has Hailey done it once, but she has thrown out nine first pitches. She even threw the first pitch at a World Series game in 2017. And she’s not done yet.

“I’m throwing the first pitch out at every major league ball park,” Hailey told FOX31.

She has “Poland Syndrome” and was born without a fully developed right hand.

“She was born with a little pinkie, a little thumb and no middle fingers,” her mom, Yong Dawson said.

In 2014 the University of Nevada Las Vegas created a robotic hand for her. It opens and closes when Hailey moves her wrist.

“It helps me grab stuff because I can’t grab anything with my hand,” Hailey said.

She’s so good with it that she can now hold and throw a ball. This season, every MLB team invited her to throw out a first pitch.

“For her it was a fun thing but for me I get to talk about Poland syndrome because nobody knows what it is,” Yong said. “Now other kids are getting this because of her. Because they see her story.”

Hailey says she wants to use her pitches to inspire other kids who are like her.

“If I can do it, you can do it too,” she said.

After Denver, Hailey is headed to Seattle to pitch for the Mariners. She is scheduled to complete her ballpark tour in September.