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DENVER (KDVR) — Between federal stimulus funding and the All-Star Game, Colorado is thick in the middle of springtime cash influx.

The 2021 Major League Baseball All Star Game will be held at Denver’s Coors Field after pulling out of Atlanta in corporate protest to new Georgia voting laws. The game is scheduled for July 13.

Some Georgia and Atlanta business leaders including the Atlanta Braves have cried foul on MLB’s decision, saying it will have a negative economic impact on the exact set of people it says it supports.

Fortunately for Colorado, all that economic generation will land in Denver instead, to the tune of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in spending.

Individual cities stand to profit greatly from hosting the game. On average, the All-Star Game creates $70.5 million in economic output associated with travel, hospitality, food and drink and related gameday expenses.

Some cities made more than others. Each city’s economic impact ranges from $37.5 million to just under $200 million.

Larger cities tend to have higher All-Star Game economic impact that smaller ones. The cities with the highest numbers were New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego.

New York City hosted the game in 2008 and 2013, creating nearly $350 million in economic output between the two years. The last time Denver hosted the MLB All-Star Game in 1998, the game produced $40.5 million in economic output. Only the year before in Cleveland, Ohio produced less.

Things have changed in Colorado since 1996, however.

For starters, the Denver metro’s population has increased since 1998, from 1.9 million to about 3 million.

All Star Games bring anywhere from six to 40 dollars per every resident of the city’s metro area. In 1998, Denver brought in 21 dollars per every resident.

If 2021 has the same dollar per citizen spending ratio, Denver could see as much as $60 million in economic activity surrounding the All-Star Game.

Numbers go higher. Georgia analysts estimated a $100 million shortfall from moving the game, and today Gov. Jared Polis said the game would bring $190 million.