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INDIANAPOLIS (KDVR) — At the NFL combine, numbers are everything – especially in the 40-yard dash. Long before athletes cross the finish in Indianapolis, the timing technology gets it start back in Colorado. And whether you’re running the 40-yard dash or timing it, there’s no margin for error. 

“Time matters and milliseconds matter,” says Mike Weinstein, CEO and Founder of Zybek Sports.

Fifteen years ago, Weinstein started Zybek Sports, which is based in Westminster. He currently works with youth athletes all over the country, who take part in Zybek’s standardized athletic testing. 

For the last decade, the NFL has been using his automated timing system at the annual combine.

“When the athlete is in a three-point stance, they’ll be blocking the censor on the ground,” Weinstein said. “When the athlete lifts their hand up to start to run, that’s when the time starts. The 40-yard dash is by far the one that has the most importance for fully automated timing.” 

Every number is exact, every measurement is scrutinized and athletes have to have a laser focus to succeed

“There’s a lot of things in sports you can’t control. This is one thing you can control, is your time. It shows where you are,” Weinstein said.