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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Just over 36 hours after Deion Sanders announced he was the new head coach of University of Colorado Boulder football, the college football transfer portal officially opened.

“Instead of it being a one-way street of people wanting to transfer outside of Boulder, you’ll have people transferring in,” Darrin Duber-Smith, a senior lecturer at Metropolitan State University of Denver’s College of Business, said Monday.

Duber-Smith said with Coach Sanders in charge, it’s going to fire up the football transfer portal for CU.

“You can attract way better players when you have that star power. This isn’t just players, this is a coach — someone who will be around for a few years,” Duber-Smith said.

Now when they are looking to transfer, athletes will have more rights, Duber-Smith said. These changes give student-athletes more power because they no longer have to sit out a year if they decide to transfer.

“He’s going to attract nothing but the best talent and the best coaches,” Duber-Smith said.

On top of new leadership, the university is also taking the steps to help recruit new talent when it comes to helping with NILs: name, image and likeness. This refers to the way college athletes can receive compensation.

“It’s a new space,” Sadie Baker, the program manager of leadership and career development at CU Boulder said Monday.

Baker said when recruits come in, having the university help with NILs is an important factor. CU has a program called Buffs With A Brand that helps guide student-athletes.

“We have recruits on campus here, they ask, ‘What are you doing here with your institution and your athletic department and how it relates to NIL?’” Baker said.

She said also during official recruit visits, they can have a presentation with the parents of athletes to explain how the university will play a hand in NILs.

College athletes can make money from sponsorships, commercials, social media and more.

“In order to be involved with NIL they (the athlete) have to do something in exchange to receive the compensation,” Baker said.

CU also has the Buffs4Life NIL Collective, which Baker said is very important in the recruiting space, along with having an educational program to understand how to best position student-athletes in the NIL space.

According to the university’s website, the Buffs4Life NIL Collective is an extension of the Buffs4Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that is a support system providing financial assistance, mental health resources and community to former CU Boulder student-athletes in need. 

The university’s website states the Buffs4Life NIL Collective is a tax-deductible financial contribution to the general fund that supports all CU student-athletes or to a specific team, group of student-athletes or an individual student-athlete.

“If you pick a team to donate, it’s providing more resources to the program,” Baker said.  

15% of every donation goes to the Buffs4Life Foundation, while the rest goes directly towards compensating student-athletes for their name, image and likeness.